Top Places To Visit In Shimla


Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, narrates story of the Colonial times gracefully. It reflects a blend of Himalayan beauty with the brilliance of architecture by the British rulers. You can meander through onboard the toy train, or walk through the forested hills of the city, there will be a lot awaiting you on the way, like monkeys hanging on the branches of Deodars. But, when you’re coming over to this city, there are some places to visit in Shimla that one must not miss, in order to witness the best of this city.

This article tells you about the top tourist attractions, so you plan your getaway smoothly!

1. Ridge– The tourist hub of the city


One of Shimla’s top tourist attractions, Scandal Point is a happening place where one gets to shop around, ride horses, or visit sights like Christ Church. The Ridge, or the Scandal Point, also allures peace-lovers, as one gets to steal their own corner and glance at the city and the mountainscape; this is the reason why you’ll find this place featured in many Himachal tour packages.

This is a lovely place to enjoy sunset/sunrise views. If you’re a couple, it’s recommended you come early in the morning for sunrise view, as there are lesser people around at this time.

2. Indian Institute of Advanced Studies – Reminding us of the Colonial era



The Indian Institute of Advanced Studies stands as a landmark that takes you back to the colonial times. The building was built by the British, and is mainly a summer retreat for the president. Dr Radhakrishnan, a former president handed over the property to the government to open an institute dedicated to the studies of arts and humanities.

Its architectural design is a total heart-stealer, and once you take walk through, you’ll get a glimpse of Indian modern history.

3. Jakhu Temple – The iconic Hanuman Temple




With a 108 feet tall statue of Hindu lord, Hanuman, Jakhu Temple can be spotted from almost any point of the Shimla City. The temple not just hails devotees but also allures nature-lovers and trekkers. With a height of 8000 feet, one can simply unwind near its peak and enjoy the mesmerizing view of Shimla, and around.

4. Kufri – The Winters Sports Capital



Primarily a winter destination, Kufri is merely 17 km away from Shimla City. It is located  2622 meters above sea level, and is also known as the Winters Sports Capital, as there are many activities one can try amidst snow-covered valleys, like skiing and ice skating. The ridge can be reached via horse/mule ride, or a short trek. The views from this spot is simply enchanting!


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