Indian Women Scientists

Asima Chatterjee

Asima Chatterjee was a chemist who has major contribution in the field of organic chemistry and phytomedicine. She is known for her work on development of cancer medicine, anti malarial drug and anti-epileptic medicine. She studied in Calcutta University and first woman to receive Doctor of Science by an Indian university.

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Darshan Ranganathan

Darshan Ranganathan is a pioneered bio chemist from India and had a notable contribution in protein folding, molecular design, supramolecular assemblies, and synthesis of hybrid peptides. She joined IICT, Hyderabad and became deputy director there. She has died due to breast cancer.

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The biennial “Professor Darshan Ranganathan Memorial Lecture“, which is to be “delivered by a woman scientist who has made outstanding contributions in any field of Science and Technology”, was established by her husband on 2001 after her death.

Rajeswari Chatterjee

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Rajaswari Chatterjee was the first woman to receive the engineering degree from Karnataka. She then obtained her master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan. After returning India, she joined electrical communication engineering dept. in Indian Institute of Science (IISc) where she became chairperson later. She has done some notable works on microwave engineering.

Anandibai Joshi

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Anandibai Joshi who, along with Kadambini Ganguly, was one of the first Indian women to receive the degree in western medicine. Despite being gone through poor health condition and tragedy in personal life, she managed to continue her study in medicine and obtained the MD degree from Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1886. After returning India, she joined Albert Edward Hospital, Kolhapur as physician-in-charge of the female ward.

Janaki Ammal Edavaleth Kakkat

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Janaki Ammal, a well known Indian scientist whose major field of  contribution was in cytogenetics and phytogeography. Despite of the hostile environment for girls in the then India, Janaki Ammal has shown the inspiration and perused the career of a successful botanist. She conducted chromosomal studies in England and reorganize the botanical survey of India and later became the Director-General of the organization.

Dr. Aditi Pant

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Dr. Aditi Pant is a famous oceanographer and the first Indian to visit the  icy continent Antartica in the year 1983. She has a vital role and responsibility in the third Indian expedition to Antartika and received the prestigious Antartica Award along with the other team members for their notable contribution to the project.

Here we did a heartiest attempt to focus on the contribution of Indian women scientists, who did outstanding works in their respective field. They have shown us, determinations, ability can win over any hostile forces and led you to your desired destination.

Through this article, I am requesting you not to deprived your girl child of education as you never know, she may become the next successful scientist and bright the face of India to the world with her creativity and invention.


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