India Beyond Taj Mahal

The Wandering Core

img_5303Taj Mahal – one of the seven wonders of the world, undoubtedly is one of the best things to see in India. Did I just write one of the best…yes, you know why – because there are so many places in India which are just over-shadowed because of the Taj. Don’t mind, I too love Taj, I’ve already been to Taj so many times now and yet never get enough of it. The reality is that India is a diverse, multi-cultured nation, despite this tourists usually prefer Taj and combines it with Jaipur and Delhi at max. Isn’t it unfair to other parts of India with immense beauty receives a cold-shoulder!!

Every time I go through a travel blog or a traveller’s bucket list with a mention to India, it just revolves around Taj Mahal. So, today I would like to introduce my readers with India beyond Taj…

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