The Greatest Gates of India – India Gate

The Nomadic Architect

Monumental Gates has always been a reflection of prosperity for Kingdoms. Rulers, over the course of human civilisation, have always wanted to build gigantic gates which will play a pivotal role in the security of the countrymen and also display the might of the state. Not only for military reasons, many gates have been erected to display joy, honour and in good gesture. ‘Gates’ have remained a very important component of Architecture in the country. All these mighty gates carry unforgettable legacy and history. In this Journey, I will be travelling through all those famous or infamous gates of India which have played important roles in the History of the Great Nation.

In the first part, I will take you to The India Gate.


  • Located at: New Delhi
  • Built Between: 1921 – 1931
  • Height: 42 Mtrs
  • Width: 9.1 Mtrs
  • Architectural Style: Universal Style
  • Architect: Sir Edwin Luyten

During the last…

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