Incredible India!

Danielle In Wanderland

India is like nothing I have ever seen, smelt, tasted, heard, or imagined! India is a massive country; I didn’t realise how big it is till I planned a trip there. The country is broken up in states (29 to be exact), and travelling between them is very similar to travelling between countries in Europe, each state is so different and diverse in customs, culture, and landscape! India has so much to offer and is defiantly overlooked by travelers and tourists alike! Summer is from around April to June (pre-monsoon season), July to September is Monsoon season, and Winter (post-monsoon season) October to March. The ideal time to visit is October through to March, this is peak season, so prices are slightly higher than other times of the year. During this time, the north is unexpectedly cooler, though the sun around midday is lovely, but the further south you head…

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