Kanda Lake – A Trek from Sangla valley

The Wandering Core

Soothe your mountain buds in nature’s lap near Sangla village in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, India!

No matter how many days we spend in the mountains it will always turn out to be less. When we visited picturesque Sangla valley, we had a to-do list prepared from the well-known travel site Trip-advisor. While on dinner, our hotel staff suggested us to visit Kanda ~ a small village with a lake at almost 2-hour drive or 5-6 hour trek the Himalayas. We decided to give this unheard & hidden spot a shot!!  

img_6283We hired a 4X4 cab – a car with gears for front wheels. Why hire?? Because normal cars wouldn’t work on the undeveloped road with steep deadly turns. It was not a unanimous decision yet proved to be a great one on those roads!! If you have some time to spare, but not…

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