No Brains

On a beautiful summer evening,a bright-eyed fox happened upon a picnic spot in the woods.He noised about in the rubbish left behind by the picnickers.”What ignorant people!”he sniffed in disgust,”Messy people plates crushed plastic bottles and crumpled napkins!”the fox stopped short there was a head lying there in the glass. One has even forgotten to take his head! he muttered in
surprise.the solemn,serious face stared up at him, its spectacles glinting in the
sun .Hello!” Said the fox. How did you lose the rest of you? circled around the head carefully.Then he remarked,let me see, what is inside the head.He carefully turned it over and then stared in astonishment. Why!There’s nothing in it! cried the fox yet these humans strut about thinking they have such fine brains.Do you know what the fox found? A party mask:
Moral-Nothing is ever quite as it seems.


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