“The value of newspaper”

Newspaper have an important place in the world today. They are the world’s mirror. They are the custodians of truth and human rights. They serve as a mouth piece of the public. They are a link between the people and their Government. we are living in an age of speed. the world has become a very small unit. We can’t remain cut off from the others. We can’t do without knowing the latest and development and changes taking place all around us. The Newspaper keep us in touch with these changes and development. They bring us news from the all corners of the world. Newspaper have a literary value also. They contain articles written by learned person. The newspaper serve  a social function also. They arouse us against social evil like drinking, gambling and dowry system. Newspaper are us national conscious. When some crises over takes the country, newspaper can play very important role. They can help in bringing about national Integration. But some regional Papers do more harm than good. The Govt. give full Freedom press but it is the moral responsibility of the press not to misuse this freedom.  


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