5 Things We Love About Winter Season

As per my opinion winter is the most favorite season for a foodie (as I am too). Because we have lots of choices over there in this lovely season. Not only food but lots of other things we love about winter season I’m going to describe here:

Small Water Drop & Fluffy Snow Fall:

The soft and white flakes falling from sky are giving us awesome and beautiful watching experience. If you visit place like Kashmir in India or other place where snow falling you may see you’ll definitely get a world class experience. In the early morning small water drops on green grass and snow falling like rain is extremely daunting. And snowman building with snow fight will add extra wattage in your romance.

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Winter Wear:

Sweater, flannel, scarf, poncho, winter coats, winter jackets and lots of thing we can use in this season. Most of the official people don’t like to wear winter coat usually because of humidity and sweat. While just because to show their formalness to other they must wear blazers and coats.  But in winter season no problem of sweat, hotness and humidity. In fact you can enjoy the warm outfit along with your formalness.

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Winter Food and Drinks:

For all the food lovers winter season is the best season to eat, explore and drink. Hot cocoa, Nuts juice, Faluda tea bag like drinks we usually avoid but in winter we can enjoy it. Usually we should keep our body temperature more in winter so no need to avoid cream, cheese like fatty foods even. Any dish with chilly and lots of spices you’ll love in the winter season. Road side soupy momos with a chilly tough burger and a star bucks drink will give you joy of heaven. Hot apple, winter season baked fruit cake, pie and caramel lattes give you abundance experience.  Indian street chaat to Saudi Arab’s Malaiyo with hot kesar milk by you get the best life.


Sun burn, prickly heat, sweat, tiredness are the reasons to avoid travelling usually by people. But winter season give you the solution because you can enjoy your travelling experience without any tension of heat and sweat. You can walk extra, you can talk extra, you can explore extra without tiredness which generally occur after you get your body temperature high. But in winter season this won’t happen.

It’s not only about exploring and tiredness but the places in winter season are so beautiful with low temperature, snow fall and small water drop.

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Ice- Skating Season:

The Ice skating is a winter season game, in which people skate gracefully on the ice covered the road.  It’s an astonishing and amazing trick people use so smoothly and calmly.

There is not only the one reason to like winter but lots of reasons to wait this season because people love winter season a lot.


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