Relationship Between Father And His Child


“We always talk about the relation between a child and his mother. It is also known as the World’s most powerful and unbreakable relationship. But ever we have talked about the connection between a father and his child. Host of you will say ‘No’ to my question. As mother gives birth to a bay and also tells him the difference between the wrong and the sacrifices make by a father for the happiness of his child. So, we should always respect our father. As father is one who may sacrifice his happiness just to make us laugh. So respect and have him from the bottom of your heart. As we only realize the importance of anything when it is not with us or we loose it permanently.

At last i want to say few lined about parents.  Hume zindagi main do logon ko kabhi nahi bhulna chahiye ek Baap jisne apni her ek khusi ko aap k uper waara hai or Maa jise apne her dard mai pukara hai.


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