Indian Space Achievements

  1. The Ariane passenger pay load Experiment shortly called Apple is considered a farercunner of India’s future domestic communication satellite.

  2. The satellite launch vehical or SLV-3 is meant to develop launching capability for a satellite of 40kg in a 40km near circular orbit around the earth.

  3. Gesoynchronous Satellite launch vehicle or GSLV is capable of placing INSAT 11 class of satellite up to weight 2500 kg into Geosynchronous Transfer orbit (GTO)

  4. The first flight of GSLV took place from SHAR on April 18, 2001 by launching 1540 kg of GSAT-1

  5. The experiment satellite for earth observations Bhasksara-1 was placed in orbit by cosmos rocket from Russian cosmodrome on June7, 1981.1dff8563e17eb9f241a89eba8cc0f124.png

  6. The first Indian rocket called Rohini-75 was launched from Thumba in 1967.

  7. The first indian in space was  squadron leader Rakesh Sharma who was sent into space aboard Soyuz-1 11 on April 3, 1984 from Baikonour  cosmodrome in kazakhastan (Russsia)

  8. On May 10, 1989 the augmented  satellite Launch vechile or ASLV was successfully launched from Shrihatrikota.

  9. The india  missiles consequently continued to be flight  tested   are named Prithvi, Nag , trishul and akash


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