Mobile Phones


At present mobile phone have become ingrained in our everyday lives and the majority of people can hardly imagine themselves without cell phones. Is it just a tribute to fashion or a necessity of a modern person?


   It isn’t a secret that today many people feel quite helpless if they have left their mobile phones at home. First of all cell phones give us an opportunity to keep in touch with people in any place and in any time. Besides, modern mobile phones are multi-function: they provide access to the internet, have various games, cameras, memory sticks, etc.

  Nevertheless we can’t deny that mobile phones provoke a range of problems. People have started to see each other less frequently. Mobile communication required quit a lot of money and people have to control the amount of money on their accounts constantly otherwise at the most inappropriate moment they won’t be able to phone the people they need. But the greatest disadvantage of cell phones is certainly their harmful influence on people’s health.


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