To Achieve your Goal Remember Your ABC

A:      Avoid negative things, habit and people.

B:       Believe in yourself.

C:       Consider things from every angle.

D:       Dream about what you might become.

E:        Exercise frequently.

F:         Family and friend are hidden treasures.

G:         Glory the creative spirit.

H:         Humor yourself and others.

I:          Ignore those who try to discourage you.

J:          Joyfully live each day.

K:          Keep on buying, no matter how hart it may seem.

L:          Love yourself and first foremost.

M:         Meditate daily.

N:         Never lie, cheat and steal.

O:        Open your things and see the things as they really are.

P:      Practice daily because practice makes a man perfect.

Q:    Quitters never win, winners never quit.

R:      Read and study carefully.

S:      Smile often.

T:      Think rationally.

U:      Understand yourself.

V:       Value life.

W:      Work is worship.

X:        X-ray your problems yourself.

Y:       You are unique amongst all the nature’s creation.

Z:        Zestfully pursue happiness.


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