The Story of Rapunzel


Once upon a time there lived a man and his wife. Next to their house, there lived a wicked witch. One day, the wife saw some lettuces growing in the witch’s garden. She asked her husband to bring a few for her. The husband went into the garden. She asked her husband to bring a few for her. The husband sent into the garden. HE saw the witch there. The witch gave him the lettuces but in return she asked the husband to give her his first born child. He agreed.

Some- time later, a beautiful baby girl was born to the man and his wife. The witch took the baby away. She named the child Rapunzel. Every year the girl grew more- lovely.

The witch shut Rapunzel’s up in a high tower in the forest. Rapunzel had very long and golden hair. The witch would climb up the tower holding on the Rapunzel’s hair.

One day a young prince saw all this. When it hat witch was away, he too climbed up the tower with the help of Rapunzel’s heart was full of love for a stranger. She become very angry and cut Rapunzel’s hair. The witch left the girl in a distant desert.

When the prince came to the tower, the witch threw him into thorny ticket of rears, which scratched his eyes and blinded him. At last he reached a lonely desert. He heard Rapunzel’s voice there. The prince took Rapunzel’s to his kingdom, where they were married. Rapunzel’s her prince lived happily ever after.



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