you bought me in this world,

you cared enough for me,

you wanted me to live,

you placed me to be good,

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you knew me with your heart,

you gave your blood to me,

you wanted me to blossom,

you gave me breath to breath.

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you knew i could not speak,

you talked to me tenderly,

you wanted me to run,

you crawled along with me.

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you longed for me to smile,

you cried along with me,

you wanted me to search,

you helped me to find the way.

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you lived to see me live,

you made me what i am today,

you lived your life for me,

you lived for me to be sucessful.


tumane mujhe is duniya mein khareeda,

aap mere lie paryaapt paravaah hai,

tum mujhe jeena chaahate the,

tumane mujhe achchha banaaya,


aap apane dil se mujhe jaanate the,

tumane mujhe apana khoon diya,

tum mujhe khilana chaahate the,

tumane mujhe saans ko saans diya.


tumhen pata tha ki main nahin bol sakata tha,

tumane mujhase namrata se baat kee,

tum mujhe chalaane ke lie chaahate the,

aap mere saath krol karate hain


tumane mujhe muskuraahat karane kee ichchha kee,

tumane mere saath roya,

aap mujhe khojana chaahate the,

tumane mujhe raasta khojane mein madad kee


tum mujhe jeene ke lie rahate the,

tumane mujhe banaaya jo main aaj hoon,

aap mere lie apana jeevan jee rahe the,

aap mere lie saphal rahe the.

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