Human Heart


Heart is hollow muscular pumping organ formed of cardic mucles fibers and beats spontaneously an d rhythmically through out  the life. It is enclose in   a double walled pericardium .Its cavity is called  pericardial cavity. it is filled with a fluid known as pericardial fluid.

It  is shock absorbing and lubricating fluid.

Size of Heart:- Its size is of person’s fist. It is measures about 12cm in length and 9cm in breath

.Image result for human heart

Weight:- Its weight about 300gm.

Chambers of heart:- There are four chambers in human heart:-1. right atrium 2. right Ventricle 3. Left Artium, 4. Left Ventricle.


Heart valves:-

  1. Tricuspid Valve
  2. Biscuspid Valve
  3. Valve of Eustachius
  4. Valve of thebesius
  5. Semilunar Valve,.
  6. Image result for heart

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