Top 30 Places to Visit and Things to do in Srinagar

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Kashmir has been called the Heaven of Earth, which is not just because of the truth that it is a part of the lovely Himalayan mountain variety, and the it is breathe taking in its appeal. However also due to the fact that of the large range of sanctuaries, tranquil lakes, markets, gardens, and a lot more.

One of the most popular towns in Kashmir is Srinagar, which is likewise the summer capital of the state of Jammu & Kashmir, which is the reason for it being one of the star attractions of tourists preparing to go to Kashmir.

  1. Dal Lake

Dal Lake Srinagar Dal Lake Srinagar

One of the prime attractions of Srinagar is the Dal Lake Boulevard roadway in Srinagar, provides the best possible view of the Dal Lake With a splendid 18 sq. km, the Dal Lake is surrounded by the popular Mughal period gardens and parks, and has lots…

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