A Piece Of “CHALK”

With its vanishing size,
Prevails The light of thoughts
To beautify the hollowness of a boaimagesrd’s face.
Word are read and told,but the martyr goes ignored-a pice of chalk.

Brother of rocks, he’s timed and soft
In the hands of the cleverest fool.
The stage sets.
Starts the play.
Eyes drenched in sleep,open and lost;
Audience whome the earth and fear keeps still,seated Wait for the time to leavethe hall.
His wait is unending and pain untold.
He’s a piece of chalk.

Opera Snapshot_2018-01-29_140348_wordpress.com

I’ve grown up watching their love story.
The chalk, the board black or green Their daily meetings and the duster’s cruelty
And their departure ending the tale.
Science and Earth and Universe.they speak of all but his story is never the subject of talk.
He’s a piece of chalk.

Time’s old play of sweetness and trust
has him too like us all.
Broken and swept to the holy crust to be a part of the farmer’s friend.
Silent he lives,silent he dies but his silence says it all.
He’s a piece of chalk.


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