Happy Chocolate Day 2018:

 Did you know these interesting facts about chocolate? As a part of Chocolate Day, the third day of the week-long celebrations, people exchange delectable chocolates with their loved ones as a sign of their love and commitment towards each other.Image result for chocolate day

From helping control stress levels to lowering diabetes,

here are five health

benefits of consuming chocolate that you probably weren’t aware of.



If you love gorging on dark chocolate but are worried it won’t help your weight loss plan, then fret not. Chocolate, specifically dark chocolate, is known to satiate hunger and is a healthy substitute for other sweet and salty foods. It contains flavonoids and nutrients known for aiding weight loss. While it is recommended to stick to smaller portions of dark chocolate, a little indulgence is any day better than none at all.


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(Source: Thinkstock Images) (Source: Thinkstock Images)

While you have been staying away from your favourite chocolates because you fear diabetes might get to you, it seems you don’t really have to. The rich antioxidants called flavonoids in dark chocolate reduces the risk of diabetes and its damaging effects on the body. Higher flavonol content in dark chocolate facilitates the production of nitric oxide in the system. This, in turn, is believed to control the insulin insensitivity.


Rarely must you have come across somebody eating chocolate look distressed? If you haven’t, then that is because dark chocolate is known to have stress-relieving properties. Studies have found out that eating dark chocolate every day leads to lowered levels of stress hormones like cortisol. Do you even need another reason to pound on that bar of chocolate you’ve been eyeing for some time?


(Source: File Photo) (Source: File Photo)

Well, who wouldn’t love to be known for their wit and intelligence? And it seems, munching on a chocolate bar is only going to make it easier for you. According to Washington Post, eating chocolate will lead to improved cognitive ability and brain function. Researchers found in 2009 that participants could perform mental arithmetic much easily after they were given hot cocoa drinks containing large quantities of flavonols.Chocolate Day


Flavonoids in dark chocolate are known to be beneficial for the skin. They are known to shield the women’s skin from the sun’s UV rays, almost like a natural sunscreen! These antioxidants also help in improved blood flow, thus giving the skin a youthful shine. Studies have even found flavonols to keep the skin hydrated — another important requirement for good skin. Munch away!

So, this Chocolate Day, go ahead and gift your loved ones a box full of their favourite chocolates and while at it, make them count its benefits too.


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