विटामिन/Vitamin, खाद्य पदार्थों का पुष्टिकर तत्व

Vitamin A:-

Good for eyes,Teeth and Skin.Image result for Vitamin a

Vitamin B;-

Good for Immune function,iron Absorption and energy production.

Vitamin C:-

Image result for Vitaminc 

Good for strengthening  Blood vessels,Skin elasticity,Anti- oxidant function and iron Absorption.

Vitamin D:-

Good for strong and healthy Bones.

Vitamin E:-

Good protection from free radicals and improves Blood Circulation.


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Vitamin K:-


Good for Blood Coagulation.

Folic Acid:-

Good for cell renewal and preventing birth defects in pregnancy.


Good for healthy Teeth and Bones.Image result for calcium


Builds muscle naturally and maintains healthy blood.


Good for fertility,immunity and growth


Good for glucose function and sustained energy.


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