A Timeless Love


Image Source:-jammulinksnews.com

But the one person that Shiva Loved meetings in this cosmic mind field,the one person whose memory He would not allow to fade even when  they were not together,was unchallengeably , His Women. In a whole universe that had been projected by Him,She was the one being He loved immensely.


Parvati,His inseparable better-half.

Parvati, without whom,Shiva felt like “not Shiva”.

Parvati,without whom,Shiva didn’t feel anything at all.

Parvati, without whom, the seers summarized,”He was Shiva,a corpse.”And without whom, as He Himself told Her once, ‘Nothing’, was actually possible.And just as great an enigma as He was,

Source Pintrest.


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