World Heritage Day: See Top Heritage Sites in India

Today is World Heritage Day(विश्व धरोहर दिवस है.),  World Heritage Day It is celebrated in honor of world heritage and historical heritage. There are currently 1052 world heritage sites in the whole world.

Here is List of Top  Heritage Sites in India.

1. Taj Mahal,Agra

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2. Qutub Minar,Delhi

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3. Sun Temple,Odisha

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4. Monuments of Khajuraho,Madhya Pradesh

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5. Mahabodhi Temple,Bihar

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6. Kaziranga National Park,Assam

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7. Chola Temple,Tamil Nadu

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8. Ajanta Caves,Maharashtra

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9. Mountain Railways of India,West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu

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10. Fatehpur Sikri,Agra

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