Popular Honeymoon Destinations In Himachal Pradesh

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Pic @ Dharmashala, Kangra Himachal Pradesh


There are many romantic locations in Himachal Pradesh where you can take a trip for your honeymoon. Each of these locations has their own unique setting in the Himalayas and uses various options. When you have a lot of alternatives to pick, it becomes difficult too to choose only one for your honeymoon journey. So, […]


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Bir Biling – A Solace To An Over Stressed Souls

Bir and Billing in Kangra district of Himachal state are very popular places for adventure sports like Trekking, Paragliding, Angling and Camping. Bir is the take off site for paragliding while Billing is the landing spot. Bir is situated 35 km from Palampur and 40 kms from Dharamshala.  Click below for more:

Biling: Getaway To The Rising Sky


Good Morning,New Day,New Life,New Hopes

pictures by :-PalampurPanoramaIMG_6588.CR2IMG_6701.CR2


That’s why it has been called “Glimpses of Heaven”,SPITI VALLEY(H.P)

Lahaul-Spiti is an Untouched landmark of Himachal Pradesh, it is surrounded by high peaks on all four sides of the deep valley! To enter here, go from any side to cross one pass, although this place is covered with snow all year long, but especially in the winter, all the passes here are closed due to snow and this place is  cut off  from all the world ! It is said that there is no other part of Himachal is  more attractive and Beautiful than  Lahaul and Spiti!
That is why it has been called “Glimpses of Heaven”!

Pictures By:- PalampurPanoramaimg_3103-1

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Most Beautiful & Dangerous road In “Himachal Pradesh” Rohtangpass, Manali


Chandra Valley: – The local name of this valley is “Rangoli”, 72 kms from Barlacha to Khoksar. It is a desert to the area of ​​the valley,  there is no man . There are many beautiful pastures of sheep in this valley!

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picture by palampur panorama

Here is the temple of Sisu and Goddess Deity, the highest peak here near the temple of Gheeon, this valley is covered with snow almost all year!
Chandrabhaga (Chenab), both the  river channels derive from the Barchla Valley and form the major rivers of Lahoul-Spiti.

Good Morning

A great attitude becomes a great mood.

which becomes a great day.



18 मई , 600 साल बाद खुश हुए हैं राहु और केतु, मिलेगा इन 5 राशि को खूब धन और खूब खुशी

Being Rustic: You Will Love The Space Around You.


Panoramic View of Dhauladhar Mountain Range.

View From Patti, Rajpur
View From Trehal Village

Welcome Summers!

As the mercury will start gaining new heights in coming days, hills will see the biggest gatherings of mankind. Green Deodar will welcome the people with fresh life enriched air. Many pastures on top will host the tents for many who want to be with nature. Desperate souls will throng to each and every accessible rivers.

Welcome Summers! Hills are ready. But be kind to the nature.

ये बॉलीवुड सितारे आप विश्वास नहीं करेंगे एक ही उम्र के हैं

हेमा मालिनी और जया बच्चन

 हेमजी और जयजी दोनों 1948 में पैदा हुए थे, हां, यह सच है हालांकि इस तस्वीर से यह ऐसा नहीं दिखता है

 गोविंदा और संजय मिश्रा दोनों ही 51 के हैं।



सनी और हमारे बहुत ही  Famous Babuji उर्फ आलोक नाथ दोनों 1956 में पैदा हुए थे।

श्वेता तिवारी और करीना कपूर दोनों ही एक उम्र की हैं

राम कपूर और फरहान अख्तर दोनों 41के हैं।