How to plan a trip for Himachal Pradesh?

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Himachal trips used to be outlined based on the experience and accomplishments of other family members and friends. Those were the times when, as compared to today, the lifestyle pre-own to be a very slow and comfortable lifestyle. Nowadays with the speed at which things are proceeding and changing with every minute of your time, it has become extremely problematic to spare time for planning out any event on your own.

Himachal Pradesh, the hill state in north India happens to be one of the most prominent states as far as tourism is concerned. People, from within the country and from other parts of the world scramble to this state, at a drop of a hat. It has so much to endeavor the visitors, in the form of different types of tourisms be it religious, adventure, purely a rejuvenating trip or a sightseeing trip. One can just not get enough of it, to his gratification, in just one go. This is also known as the abode of Gods, as religious tourism is always high on the calendar of the god-fearing people around the year.

How to plan a trip for Himachal Pradesh?

Amid so many options to choose from, one needs to ensure that one can get the best for the money spent in terms of satisfaction. To plan a visit to Himachal Pradesh one need to follow these steps such as –

1) Get to know about Himachal Pradesh and the best way to do so is to browse the internet in its totality, regarding Himachal Pradesh.

By doing this you exigency to entree all the information about Himachal Pradesh, such as its geographical features, seasons, tourist destinations, pilgrimage destinations, adventure related destinations, the activities that you can entertain in when visiting Himachal Pradesh, and most vital all the seasonal climatic changes as well as the local temperature variations, as knowing these will benefit you in carrying suitable clothing, etc.

2) Having done this you will have gained extensive knowledge about the destinations that can be visited, off these you can pick and choose the destination that you wish to visit.

While you surf the net regarding this, you will also be enlightened of the various Himachal tour packages, as offered by different tour operators, and the cost for the same. You can explore the tour packages such as the Himachal pilgrimage tour package or Himachal Honeymoon tour package, or commonly a Himachal holiday tour package, and many more.

3) The next important aspect that you need to be considered is the company that you will have with you on this tour, as to whether you are planning to travel with your family, friends or stag. 

4) Depending on the accompaniment, what all are the activities that you would like to entertain n on this visit. This information is also available on the internet for you to access. Based on this collective information you can conceal the destination of your choice. 

5) Timing of your visit

This is one of the most crucial factors to consider, as this depends on your accompanying bag and baggage, in the sense whether you will necessitate carrying cotton, light woolens or heavy woolens, and other supporting, trip/tour related equipment. 

Having done all these the next step is outlining the travel part of your tour. Now, this is the most problematic part that needs to be worked on and needs time to sit down and browse the various alternatives, available on the internet.

One also urgency to finalize about the staying arrangements that you would need at the destination of your choice, and of course, being hard-earned money you cannot afford to just squander it in any which way. Now, this is where the need for a good, well-reputed, and a known travel advisor/tour planner, with a good valuation from a well-known accessing agency, comes in handy. 

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How to reach Himachal Pradesh?

The mode and complication in transportation in Himachal vary from region to region. The lower areas closer to the plains of North India are well connected with roads and air networks. While the remote regions such as bordering areas of Tibet and Ladakh have very challenging road conditions.

Although a lot of effort has gone into bettering these border roads. Still, they remain some of the most problematic terrains to drive on, a fact that also attracts a lot of adventure bikers and drivers. Being a hilly area, it does not have much of a train network, excluding the narrow gauge train in Shimla and Kangra districts, which engage people more due to their nostalgic value rather than speed.

By Road

It has a hilly terrain and is acknowledged for its curvy, adventurous roads. But in despite this, the roads in Himachal are very good and also one of the best roads that one can find in any mountainous terrain. Almost all the places can be traveled by buses and taxis.

The Himachal Pradesh State Transport Corporation administers services to almost every part of the state. Bus services may categorize from cheap/ordinary buses to AC buses running every day. Himachal roadways have very good connectivity with other famous destinations such as Chandigarh, Delhi, Dehradun, Jammu, and so on. Taxi service is also available throughout the state and in a few major places, you can get rental cabs too.

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By Train

Due to its mountainous terrain, Himachal does not have a train network. But it has two exotic narrow gauge lines as the Kalka Shimla Line and the Pathankot-Joginder Nagar Line. The Shimla line is more acclaimed and better maintained. This line has also been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage property. 

By Air

Himachal Pradesh has three domestic airports such as Kullu-Manali Airport, Kangra Airport, and Shimla Airport.
1) Shimla Airport has one flight to Delhi every day, from where it is easy to acquisition connecting flights to other major cities in India. It is also termed Jubbarhatti Airport after the exact place where it is positioned. 

2) Kangra Airport is positioned in the north-western parts of the state and has a couple of flights that operate between Delhi and Kangra Airport. This airport is positioned close to Dharamshala and is sometimes accredit as the Dharamshala Airport or Gaggal Airport.

This airport assists as the gateway to the vital north-western regions of this state such as Dalhousie and Dharamshala. One of another preference to reach this north-western region is to take a flight to Pathankot and Amritsar airport. 

3) Bhuntar Airport is one of another terminal as it assists as the gateway to Kullu-Manali, Parvati Valley, as well as the remote northern regions of the state such as Kaza, Spiti Valley, and so on. The airport has flights dispense between here and Delhi.

There are taxi services from all these airports that will abduct you to your destinations or hotels. There are also bus services that transport from nearby bus terminals and taxis can be used to reach these bus terminals. One can also hire a car service from airports. As this airport is located near Kullu, it can also be called Kullu Airport by some people.

Where to stay in Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal can administer you with cheap as well as luxury hotels and resorts to stay in such as –
1) Holidays Heights in Manali
2) Hotel Deyzor in Kaza
3) Norwood Green in Palampur
4) Hotel Mount View in McLeod Ganj
5) Hotel Grand View in Dalhousie
6) Shoba International in Kullu
7) The Lost Tribe Hostels in the region of Central Himachal
8) Whistling Pines Homestay in Solan

Things to do in Himachal Pradesh 

There are a plethora of things that one can do in Himachal Pradesh, and the potentiality is endless. Some of the most prominent things to do in Himachal Pradesh are such as –
1) River rafting in Manali
2) A ride of toy train from Kalka to Shimla valley
3) Trek in Spiti Valley
4) Zorbing in Kullu and Manali
5) Paragliding in Solan Valley
6) Mountain Biking in Bilaspur
7) Camping in Dalhousie
8) Trekking in Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal
9) Rock Climbing in the areas of Jorkanden, Rangrik Rang, and Shila

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Things to see in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal has a plethora of tourist attractions in various destinations to choose from such as –
1) Shimla – The Ridge, Kufri, Shali, and State Museum
2) Manali – Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, Manu Temple, and Bhrigu Lake trek
3) Dalhousie – Satdhara Springs, Lakkar Mandi, St Andrew’s Church, and Subhash Baoli
4) Malana Village
5) Kasol
6) Jalori Jot
7) Hamta

Travelers tips for an individual while traveling to Himachal Pradesh

Some of the traveling tips for an individual while traveling to Himachal Pradesh are such as –

1) Carry sunscreen, moisturizers, and lotions to shield from the sun.
2) Woolen clothes are a must while traveling to Himachal Pradesh, as some areas of this state are very chilly even during the summer season. Appropriate winter shoes and boots that you can carry to safeguard a hassle-free trip.
3) If you are planning to analyze adventure sports and trekking, you should take along appropriate shoes, gear, clothing, and backpacks.
4) Always transmit a bottle of water or two while touring. We also suggest caps and sunglasses during the trip.
5) Camera batteries, cell phone chargers, and the likes are decisive because clicking photographs is an obvious asset of visiting Himachal’s tourist spots.
6) Need to carry your ID proof and essential documents with you.


We can not contain Himachal’s unmatched beauty through our mortal eyes. But experiencing the magnificence of this destination might just get us closer to feel the magical essence of this holiday spot in India.



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