Best places for hiking in Himachal Pradesh

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Trekking in Himachal takes place principally in the areas around districts of Chamba, Manali, Kullu, and Lahaul. Four mountain ranges such as Dhaula Dhar, Pir Panjal, Himalayas, and the Zanskar run almost parallel to one another, creating an accost hike for serious hikers. It is easy to be enthralled by the beauty of the region. There are various grades of treks available, from treks for first-timers to those for expert trekkers. Hiking in Himachal Pradesh requires considerate preparation as its hiking routes fall in perennially cold areas. The ideal time for trekking in Himachal is from June to October.

Places for hiking in Himachal Pradesh

Some of the best places for hiking/trekking in Himachal Pradesh are such as –

Triund Trek

Triund Trek is favorable for both debutants as well as moderately experienced trekkers. It is a single-day trek and the gateway for higher trekking routes such as Kareri Lake. This trek starts from McLeod Ganj, the Indian home of the Dalai Lama. This trek is around 9 Km via Bhagsu/Dharamkot which lies 2 Km ahead of McLeod Ganj. One can visit the Bhagsunag Waterfalls and Gallu Devi Temple en route to this trek. This is one of the most brilliant trekking trails in the region due to the pleasant complexity and rewarding views of the Kangra Valley as well as the Dhauladhar ranges. More than 3/4th of this trek is a gradual incline and the last 1/4th is even more inclined. The ideal time to go on this trek is from March to June and from Sept to October. 

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Snow Point

Manali is an epicenter for hiking in Himachal Pradesh. There are a lot of trekking trails and the best one is snow point in Solang Valley. You can take a bus to reach this valley. From Snow Point, one can hike to Dhundi where you can find the Beas River and many other peaceful natural paradise spots on the way. You can drink and entice the mountain river which would be icy cold throughout the year at this trek. You ought to spot the Purple Rhododendron, a unique flower common in this trek. This trek is acclaimed among nature lovers and first-time hikers. If you are glancing for some accost treks, you can choose the trek between Manali and Dashaur Lake which is located at a distance of 5 Km. Bijli Mahadev to Dashaur Lake is also popular trek. 

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Chandratal Baralacha Trek

This trek is mostly referred to as the Moon Lake trek. The moment you start trekking at this place it feels like walking on the moon. This trek is located at an altitude of 4,950 meters above sea level. Stroll on the ice land and testimony the shimmering sunset, lush green landscape, water streams, colorful orchids, and various other things that will make your journey beautiful and a trip that you will never forget. While trekking at Chandratal Baralacha, one can entice the great view of the high mountains and Baralacha glacier, which is the source of the Chandra River.

This trek starts at Batal and heads toward the Baralacha Pass. Throughout the journey, one can entice the panoramic view of the Lahaul Ranges. This trek passes through various mountain peaks such as Mulkila peak at 6,172 meters, Minar peak at 6,172 meters, Tara Pahar peak at 6,227 meters, and Talagiri peak at 6,279 meters. In between the trekking, one can take a short break at Suraj Tal. This Tal is located at a high altitude and sacred lake in the Indian Himalayan region.

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Indrahar Pass Trek

Indrahar Pass is an eminent mountain pass in the Dhauladhar range, which is located at an altitude of 4,342 meters from sea level. From the top of Indrahar Pass, you can entice the dazzling view of the sacred peak of Manimahesh Kailash together with the Pir Panjal Range. This trek endeavor the best panorama of snow-capped mountains, dense fields, etc. This hiking in Himachal Pradesh passes through the most attractive valleys of Himachal Pradesh. Indrahar Pass trek follows one of the more entrenched trails used by the Gaddi shepherds en route to their summer grazing pastures in the upper Ravi Valley and Lahaul region.

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Dashaur Lake Hiking Trek

The Himalayas is home to astonishing hidden gems of striking natural attractions. Lake Dashaur is one such lovely place that is located at a distance of 5 Km from Manali. This short hiking trek is easily trodden even by women. The lake water is extremely chilly because it is located at an altitude of 14,000 feet. During the daytime, if the sky is clear of clouds, you can spot the snow-clad peaks of the Lahaul Mountains from this trek.

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Tosh Valley Trek

Tosh is a quaint village in the Parvati valley which is located at a distance of 21 Km from Kasol. This trek starts from Kasol and runs alongside the Parvati River. Kasol is located in Parvati Valley. From Barshaini, this trek leads to Pulga and then to Tosh. Pulga is encompassed by apple orchards. Kalga is another village located near Pulga Village which is beautiful as well. Manikaran, a pilgrimage near Tosh, is devoted to Sikhs and Hindus. The hot springs at Manikaran are famous among tourists and pilgrims alike. The ideal time to go this hiking in Himachal Pradesh is from April to October.  

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These are some of the best places for hiking in Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is known for its valleys, perennial rivers, and hiking activities. It is a perfect combination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.


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