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Huge traffic jams have become a sore point for the visitors, who make their plan for Kasauli visit every weekend. Being a long weekend this time, a large number of tourists descended on this town. The hotels of Kasauli were pack to capacity with the visitors. They were greeted by huge traffic jams at various points on the Dharampur- Kasauli and Dharampur-Sanawar road where a slew of new resorts are coming up.
A huge traffic jam for a few minutes on the Dharampur- Kasauli road has a repulsive effect. Within few minutes, vehicles line up on both sides of the road. It takes longer to streamline the traffic, said a policeman at the Garkhal Junction where five roads meet. Trucks carrying construction material further make it difficult for police officials to manage the traffic jam. There are no constraints on loading or unloading of the material by truckers on the roadside, causing interference to traffic.
Some hotels either have no parking or their byway roads are too stiff. A long queue of vehicles can be view line up along the rods. This was further annoying the road chaos. Some hotels in the rural areas have not made any arrangement for vehicle parking, forcing the guests to park their vehicles on the roadside, says a tourist.
Since the parking in the basement has been banned by the NGT. After the two-and-a-half-story norm was adoring for buildings in the Kasauli Planning Area, new hotels have been left without parking, said Rocky Chimni, Vice President, Kasauli Residents, and Welfare Association. He added that though hotels were avowing a good business this time, a huge traffic jam had bemired the image of the crowd-pleasing tourist destination.