Trending 9 Tourist Destination Spots for Adventurous Hot Air Balloon Ride in 2021

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Trending 9 Tourist Destination Spots for Adventurous Hot Air Balloon Ride in 2021

Destinations In India For Hot Air Balloon Ride: Sightseeing is something that most of us relish when we visit a new city, place, or country. While some like to know the story behind the place in detail, some like to scrutinize and take in the ambiance of the place. Whatever might be our interests, most of us stick to walking through the city or traveling by vehicle while sightseeing the tourist places. However, would not it be great if you could uniquely view a place? Hot air balloon rides give you this convenience. Hot air balloon rides have come in prevalence in recent years because it gives you the chance to see a place with a bird’s eye view.

The aerial view of the place would decidedly be something different, and at the same time, you get to experience the feeling of flying. You can enjoy hot balloon rides almost everywhere these days, some of the trending 9 tourist destination places in India for Hot Air Balloon rides are such as –

Maharashtra – Majestic Balloon Ride

For all Maharashtrian, a Hot Air Balloon ride is conveniently available at Pune, Mumbai, and Kamshet near Lonavala. Lonavala is positioned approx. at less than a distance of 100 Km away from Mumbai. Rides take place in the early morning and evening hours. Explorers can pleasure the adjacent alluring sceneries in the calm, crunchy air and also relish the picturesque views of sunrise and sunset. It takes the passengers to an estimated height of 4,000 feet. And will cost you in-between Rs 6,000 – 12,000 per person posing a great prospect for a fun-filled and exploratory outing. 


One of the most favored ballooning rides at Pushkar is during the famous Pushkar Mela. Hovering around a large number of cattle and the convenience of land among them is surely as exciting as it can be. You can also get views of temples, sand dunes, beautiful lakes, and many other places during your ride. Generally, there are two time slots for ballooning, and that is during the early morning time and at around four in the evening time. 


Jaipur is a beautiful place to consider. It is one of the most favored tourist destination spots not just in Rajasthan but also in the whole world. Enjoy a hot air balloon ride over the ancient places, forts, and beautiful landscapes of the place. As you drift around, imagine the life of the kings and queens who have lived here. You can get exclusive flights as well from there. A hot air balloon ride over Jaipur is something that you will admire for a long time.

Karnataka – Marvellous Hot Air Balloon Ride 

The memorials and cavern locale at Hampi are well-known. Besides being the impeccable setting for a quiet and soothing time elevated over the West Coast of India. A Hot Air Balloon ride is a must in Karnataka these days. It takes the passengers to the approximated height of 500 meters. And will cost you in-between Rs 8,000 – 12,000 per person posing a great forecast for a fun-filled and fundamental outing. It administers once-in-a-lifetime experience to take the views never before.

Goa – Fun Loving Balloon Ride

If you think that Goa is all about night life, beaches, and water sports. Then you must prefer for hot air balloon ride here. Penetrating all the fun and massive, never-ending boundaries of the sea from high above in a hot air balloon is an extraordinary experience. Furthermore, it gives you a fascinating view of sunrise or sunset from isolated skylines of the sea an extraordinary experience. It will cost you nearly Rs 14,000 per person posing a great prospect for a fun-filled and exploratory outing.


Manali is acclaimed as one of the outstanding tourist place in India and that is why a hot air balloon ride over Manali makes it all the more an appealing experience for travelers. Such a ride is like those dream rides where you are fluttering around picturesque locations just like an angel. The beautiful landscape that includes this are amazing rivers, majestic mountains, deep valleys, greenery and the fresh air all make a balloon ride in Manali a must experience. Rolling above enthralling sceneries, elegant snow-capped peaks, and overflowing, fast-flowing River down is astonishing and mesmerizing. Keeping in mind the safety involvement, the hot air balloons here are fixed with thick ropes. 

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The balloon ride in Darjeeling is at around 300 feet and will usually take place in the evenings. The suitable time to visit this place is from October to May as the weather is clear during this period. As you view the picturesque Darjeeling from the sky, you will concede that nature is indeed a miracle and that we should cherish it. 

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This is one of the outshine places in Maharashtra to enjoy a hot air balloon ride. Morning and evening are some of the outstanding times to relish a balloon ride in Lonavala, as you get to experience the beautiful sunrise and sunset in the region.

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Agra (Uttar Pradesh)

This outlandish ride is conferred at the Taj Mahal and is among the ambiguous day trips that vacationers can ever discern here. The spectacular sight of the most attractive Mughal cenotaphs, interspersed by the idealistic view of the Taj in all its elegance is unspeakable. It can be an ideal ride for couples or honeymoon travelers to explicit their love. This hot air balloon here is a low-height up in the air helium arrangement that flies to about 500 meters bestows an enormous and close image of these wonderful constructions. It takes the passengers to the estimated height of 500 feet with a clear view of the great Taj Mahal and will cost you in-between Rs 500 – 700 per person.

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The experience of floating in the sky close enough to the land is calm and intrepid at the same time. It also has an aesthetic overture to it, does not it? A balloon ride in India is one of the unique activities in India that will leave you with amazing memories to entertain forever. These are the top Destinations In India For Hot Air Balloon Ride.