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Awah Devi Weather

Awah Devi Weather: A 250-year-old shrine, Awah Devi Temple has been located 24 Km from Hamirpur town. This sacred temple is perched upon a hill that is contemplated one of the highest points of Hamirpur. The spectacular backdrop further boosts the beauty of this sacred place. Jalpa Devi is worship by a few locals as Kul Devi (Clan’s Deity) at this temple. A large number of Hindu devotees visit this sacred temple every year. In order to have the blessing of goddess Jalpa Devi and to get their wishes fulfilled by this divine goddess, they visit this place. 

This place also has a small historic story attached to it. It is aforementioned that the people from the Mandi district carried the idol of Jalpa Devi from this place to their region. While they were coming back to their region with the idol of goddess Jalpa Devi. They turned blind and when they started to return back to the place where this divine idol was preciously placed, their vision returned back. Thus, the people were enforce to place the idol of the goddess back where it was. The total driving distance from Hamirpur to this sacred Awah Devi Temple to Sarkaghat is 32 Km or 19.88 miles. It will take around 1 hour 32 minutes to reach there. The best time to visit this sacred place is from January until April and from August until December. 

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Awah Devi Weather Detail

One can experience an average temperature of Awah Devi around 17 degrees Celsius. Although it varies from around 7 degrees Celsius during winter (January) to 25 degrees Celsius during the Monsoon (June). So, one can experience moderate Awah Devi weather all year round. The hottest month of the year is June with temperatures varies from 17.7 degrees Celsius to 32.4 degrees Celsius. January is one of the coolest months of the year, with temperature varies from 0.2 degrees Celsius to 15.5 degrees Celsius. 

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This place has a semi-arid climate prevailing. It is warm to hot all the year round and trees do not grow here because of the drought. This place mainly consists of sand with grasses and sometimes shrubs. The average annual temperature of this place is 33 degrees Celsius and there is about 444 mm of rain every year. This region remains dry for 262 days a year with an average humidity of around 43% and a UV index of 7. 

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Wrap Up

This is some of the small information and weather detail about the Awah Devi temple. Hope this information will be helpful to you during your trip to this divine temple. 



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