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things to do in Naggar

Things to do in Naggar: Planning a stay in Himachal Pradesh with your family and friends, and bewildered about the destination? We encourage you to go to Naggar during these holidays. Naggar was once the capital of Kullu. It is a very old town situated in the Kullu district of Himachal at a distance of 22 Km, and 230 Km away from Shimla. Naggar is located at an altitude of about 1,800 meters from sea level. 

How to reach Naggar?

One can reach Naggar in the following ways such as –

By Air – Nearest airport from Naggar is Bhuntar airport in Kullu at a distance of 40 km from there. 

By Rail – Nearest railway junction from Naggar is the Joginder Nagar railway junction.

Via Road – Many private/local buses go through Naggar. One can easily board these buses to reach Naggar. 

Things to do in Naggar

Some of the best Things to do in Naggar are: 

Naggar Castle

This grand wood and stone structure dates back to the 15th century. This castle was built by King Raja Bhosal. Nowadays this castle is under the control of the Himachal Pradesh government. This property is retained by HPTDC, as a heritage hotel. Many films and songs were cast in this castle. The famous Bollywood film “Jab We Met” has some scenes cast in this castle. It also houses the compelling Jagatipat Temple, a mini-museum, and elegant paintings by Russian artist Nicolas Roerich. This castle is about a 5-minute walk from Kohinoor Heritage Resort, from where one can view the whole Kullu from the top of this castle. A stone titled Jagti Patt is present in this castle. Local people accredit that this stone is their savior that protects them from the entire bad situation. There is also a gallery situated in this castle.

Jana Falls

Jana Falls is approximately half an hour’s drive from Kohinoor Resort. The water from these falls flows like a heavy shower and we walked into the falls very comfortably and took photos. There are a few Dhabas around this waterfall that serve snacks and Himachali meals.

Chander Khani Pass Trek

This trek is the prominent way of reaching the mysterious village of Malana before the road to Malana was built. This trek is a 2-3 day trek and implicates crossing over from the Kullu Valley into Parvati Valley via the 3,650 meters Chander Khani Pass. It is a fairly easy trek on the difficulty scale and is a fit for beginners. The outstanding time to visit this trek is from May to October. It is better to have a guide and essential supplies because the trail is a bit bewildering in many places. This trek leads through the Village of Rumsu. Then winds through astonishing meadows and old forests to a pasture above the tree line. 

Chander Khani Pass has some fine views of the Kullu Valley to the mountains of Lahaul. As Malana comes closer it administers jaw-dropping views of the Deo Tibba and Parvati ranges. The descent from Chander Khani Pass to Malana Village can efficiently be completed in one day. This trek is a fine way to arrive in Parvati Valley. This pass acquaintance the customs and beauty of Malana first hand. 

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Tripura Sundari Temple

Tripura Sundari Temple is an 11th-century old temple. This temple has not been written much about or heard much from the tourists. The wood carvings on this pagoda-style shrine are admirable and indescr1ibable in words. The marble statue of the Goddess wears an amicable smile. We can hear the melodious Nagara horns and Himachali drums being played in harmony to the Goddess every evening. 

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Dagpo Shedrupling Monastery

This beautiful monastery is devoted to the Buddhists god Dalai Lama and was built in the year 2005. It is one of the most visited places in Naggar and is home to spiritual Buddhists. Its beautiful sceneries and clean surroundings will make your trip even more enduring.

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Gauri Shankar Temple

Gauri Shankar Temple carries a beautifully carved stone plaque of Lord Shiva and his consort Mata Parvati. The stone temple is intricately carved in Shikhara style and we saw smaller shrines in the neighborhood. This temple is about a 5-minute walk from Naggar Castle, hence you can cover this temple easily on foot from Kohinoor.

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Chatur Bhuj Narayan Temple

One can spot this stone-carved temple from the balcony of Naggar Castle. This temple was built in Shikhara style but less embellished than other temples. The regal statue of the four-armed Lord Vishnu in the sanctum sanctorum remunerates for the lack of ornamentation outside.

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These are some of the things to do in Naggar. Hope this information will be useful for your trip to Naggar. If you need any help regarding your trip to Naggar, feel free to Contact Us at our email id i.e. [email protected]



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