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Kinnaur is one of the outstanding Indian tourist destinations with rugged beauty. It is a wonderland and a tiny hamlet in India which is also acknowledged as the Land of Fairy Tale. This place is also contemplating as one of the less frequently visited tourist places in Himachal Pradesh which should not be missed out on. This place has an astonishing setting presenting lush green valleys, fast-flowing rivers, snow-clad mountains, ripe orchards, and numerous vineyards. There are two valleys here that bring out the beauty of the region. These two valleys are Sangla Valley and the Hanging Valley. This place is amongst the most beautiful places in India which emulates both Hinduism as well as Buddhism culture.

Hindus visit this place to see the well-known Kinner Kailash, which is contemplated as the abode of Lord Shiva along with the Shivalik rocks, the tales of Pandavas, and their connection with Kinnaur is a great magnetism. There are many old Buddhist monasteries as well as temples in the surrounded areas of Kinnaur valley which are respected by Buddhists. Kinnaur valley is also known as a heaven for adventure enthusiasts. As it has many opportunities for adventurous sports such as trekking, mount climbing, and skiing.

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Places to visit in Kinnaur Valley

One of the phenomenal ways to scrutinize Kinnaur is to walk on hilly terrains and cherish the natural beauty by sleeping under the stars. Kinnaur belt is a must-visit place that accords you with a peaceful environment to enjoy the beauty and calmness of Himachal. Some of the best Kinnaur places to visit by an individual are such as –

Reckong Peo

Reckong Peo is also acknowledged as Peo and is headquarter of the Kinnaur district. It is located at a distance of 270 Km from Shimla and at a height of 2,300 meters. It is acclaim for its quiet and quaint nature to soothe the brain and calm the nerves. Reckong Peo in Kinnaur is an optimal getaway from the hustle-bustle of city life and to enjoy in the lap of nature. You will also glimpse at beautiful deodar trees, apple orchards, and pine trees which intensify the beauty of the place even more and appeals to everyone. You can conveniently view the two very famous Himalayan peaks, the Kailash Mountain and the Shivalik rock from Reckong Peo. People come here from far to see these peaks and relish living their life in the lap of nature.


Chitkul is the endpoint of the Indian border. This is formally the last Indian village position before Spiti Valley begins. This place is acclaim for its natural beauty and quaint architecture. Due to its beautiful ambiance and perfect climate. This place in recent times has accomplished some exciting places among tourists. You can also relish a visit to Sangla in Kinnaur. If you want to take part in some adventure activities, there is the best arrangement for exciting activities as well as to see natural sights. You can also acquaintance hilly beauty and thrilling trekking here.

Nako Lake

Nako Lake in Kinnaur is one of the outstanding tourist attractions if you want to relish a pastured meadow amid gigantic mountains. It is a small secluded reservoir that entices everybody. This place has its charm owing to groves of willow trees encompassing the lake. You can also see the waterfall near the lake which is contemplated as the heavenly abode of fairies by locals.

Trek to Chakha

Chakha is an acclaimed spot for trekking and is located at a height of 4,572 meters above sea level. The uphill journey will take around 2 to 3 hours and the downhill will take 1.5 hours. It is always advised to commence this trek early so that you can come back before sunset. You should always carry some energy bars or ready-to-eat food during hikes, especially on this one because there are no eating outlets on the way.

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Kinner Kailash

Kinner Kailash is a very religious place where there is a 79 feet high Shivalinga, a large pillar on the rock slab which resembles the trident and changes its color in every moment. According to a belief, Lord Shiva used to formulate a meeting of deities here at Kinner Kailash. It is one of the outstanding places for Lord Shiva devotees. An enchanting landscape view of elegant snow-capped mountains, lush apple orchards will take you through the beautiful Sangla Valley and Hanging Valley, where nature can experience its purest form.

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Baspa River

Baspa River is also acknowledged to be the most scenic river in the Himalayas. The gleaming Baspa River in Sangla Valley presents apple orchards, snow-clad mountains streams, and many captivating views of the valley. There are numerous glaciers all around the Baspa River that add to its brilliance and bestow a particular kind of experience to the visitors.

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Bottom Line

These are some of the best Kinnaur places to visit by an individual. Kinnaur is a place that endeavors a calm ambiance to all its visitors irrespective of age. Youths can scrutinize this place by enjoying daring trekking expeditions in Kinnaur and others can enjoy the sceneries amid tranquil mountains. It is the land of fairy tales as well as fantasies and presents an astonishing terrain.


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