7 Top Tourist Attractions near Sangla

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Places to visit in Sangla

Sangla Valley is one of the most alluring and most beautiful valleys in the country. It is a city in the Baspa Valley in the Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh. Sangla is located very close to the Tibetan border and is an impeccable gateway from the hustle and bustle life of the city. This valley is also acclaim for temples and meadows in the valley. Another name for Sangla valley is Baspa Valley. 

Facts about Sangla Valley

. Sangla Valley is acclaim for sweet and juicy apples.

. Until 1989, outsiders were not allowed in this valley without permission due to its geographical location.

. Baspa Dam reservoir is located in Sangla and is situated on the Baspa River.

. A saffron farm is located on the outskirt of Sangla town.

. Kamru Fort is more than 800 years old and now it has been turned into a temple. This temple is devoted to Maa Kamakhya Devi.

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Places to visit in Sangla

Some of the places to visit in Sangla Valley are such as –

Tibetan Wood Carving Center

Tibetan Wood Carving Center is one of the most prominent sightseeing destinations of Sangla. It is located near the Saffron Farm on the outskirts of Sangla. Its main attraction is the items made out of wood carvings in Tibetan style. These wood carving items are present here for both display and sale purposes. The wood carving center is reached by passing through the Batseri Village, very prominent in Sangla. On your walk, do visit the Badri Narayan Ji and Vishnu Narayan Ji temple at the village. The wooden idols of gods and goddesses are a great gift to take back home. 

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Fulaich Fair

This is an annual event in Sangla, which befall in August and September. This festival is acclaim for the celebration of flowers. This festival starts with animal atonement and proceeds to wine drinking and serving traditional food to the needy while also collecting flowers from nearby valleys to prestige the departed. Of course, as a tradition, this festival is celebrated with traditional dances and songs of the region.

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Bering Nag Temple

This temple is located about 15 min walk from the main market. This temple is devoted to God Jagas. It is most prominent feature is the Fulaich Fair, held here every year between August and September. Exemplary Kinnauri craftsmanship is on display in the form of woodwork that beautifies the temple. Amazingly detailed friezes and pillars with admirable carvings etched in wood. Angels, nagas, deities, creepers, flowers, sun, and the moon everything are fascinating in their detailing. One has to walk down from the main Sangla market to reach the Bering Nag temple. It is a 15-20 min walk downhill. This temple is among one of the tops in the list of places to visit in Sangla Valley hill station.

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Angling in the Baspa River is another alluring activity, not often on the radar of many tourists. Baspa River has some fascinating Trout fish. The crystal clear water of the glacial river makes it accessible for novice fishers to catch some beautiful fish!

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Kamru Fort

Standing guard to this breathtakingly beautiful hill station is the Kamru Fort that has been a silent guard for centuries. The fort is one grand sight amid snow-laden mountains, thick forests, and lush-green, fruited orchards. Standing on a pedestal of stones, Kamru Fort proclaims its elegant wooden balcony with pride. A series of gates lead to the entrance of this fort. An impressive image of Lord Buddha greets you at the first gate of the fort. The third floor of this fort is equipped with the idol of Kamakhya Devi, which has been brought from Assam. Holding interesting myths and an alluring history in its heart, the Kamru Fort is one of the top-notch tourist destinations in the state, much to the fascination of its admirers.

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Buddhist Monastery

This monastery lies near the Reckong Peo in Brelengi due to which is also acknowledged as Brelengi Gompa. This monastery displays a modern Buddhist edifice. It is among one of the tops in the list of places to visit at the Sangla Valley hill station.

Batseri Village

With impeccable cleanness, beautiful orchards, and amazing forests, Batseri is an eccentric little village only 8 Km from Sangla. With many hidden spots to scrutinize, often leaving the visitor with a feeling that they are the first person to visit that particular spot ever. This village is located on the left bank of Baspa, and one can reach this village only on foot. The path leading up to this village is encompassed by deodar and palm trees. One requires to cross a natural bridge of cantilevered logs to reach this place! With pebbled walls and beautifully carved wooden doors, this village entices you to explore the idyllic life. 

Wrap Up

These are some of the places to visit in Sangla Valley. With the perfectly painted landscape that will make you skip a heartbeat on every angle, Sangla is a delight that gives you the perfect solitude. 



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