Most Trending 9 Places to Visit in Chitkul for a 2021 Holiday

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Places to Visit in Chitkul

“Chitkul – the name itself dissemble like the Twitter of birds” and is located in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. It is a village where the Indian roads come to an end. This is the last inhabited village close to the Indo-Tibet border. This village is encompassed by tall deodar trees and is mostly covered with snow. This village is filled with small huts and houses made of wooden planks and has many Buddhist temples located in and around the village. It is encompassed by fields of wild yellow plants and lush vegetation that endeavor the most refreshing experience to tourists who look for an escape from their busy lives. The culture of Chitkul is alluring and has many places to visit Chitkul. 

Best time to visit Chitkul

Chitkul is an alluring summer destination. It is not advisable to travel to this place in winters as it is extremely cold out here and most of the stay options tend to shut shop. The outstanding time to visit this place is during June.  

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Places to visit in Chitkul

The places to visit in Chitkul are such as –

Akhiri Dhaba – Last Dhaba of India

This Dhaba is situated on the banks of the Baspa River in the Baspa valley. This dhaba lies near the Indo-Tibetian border in the Chitkul Valley. It is located at a height of 3,500 meters and serves delicious local cuisine and snacks for hungry travelers. There is a huge signboard put up near the Dhaba illustrating it as the last dhaba of India. The signboard proclaims this place as “Hindustan Ka Akhiri Dhaba”. The food at this Dhaba is tasty and the people are very friendly. 

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Charang Chitkul Pass Trek

It is one of the most difficult and enthralling treks in India. Once you reach here, the views here are unforgettable. This trek is encompassed by a thick blanket of snow at a distance and down below choicest vineyards rolling endlessly. The feeling of getting immersed in the glory of the Himalayas adjoining with the panoramic view of the entire range will transport you instantly to a state of pure Zen.

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Rejoice at Baspa River Banks

One of the most scenic beauties of the Himalayas is the Baspa Valley which is also called as Sangla Valley. This valley is a 9-hour drive from Delhi. This place acquaintance a moderate climate during summers and a cool climate during the winters. One of the most delineated villages in the Himalayas can be found here. Rafting, trekking, and camping in the Baspa River are some of the preferred adventurous activities. This valley is loaded with culture, history, and nature. This valley is filled with dense oak and pine forests, which is the substance of the natural beauty of the valley. Tourists can enjoy crossing the river in a basket, which is a peculiar kind of ride here. The eminent time to visit this place is from April to October because the climate is mild and soothing. 

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Mathi Devi Temple

Best temple in the places to visit in Chitkul. Mathi Temple is located at the Sangla-Chitkul Road and is an eloquent place of worship. This temple is believed to be over 500 years old and is dedicated to Mathi Devi. Locals accredit that Goddess Mathi used to reside in Chitkul. As per ancient mythology, it is said that the goddess Mathi Devi traveled a long distance before finally deciding to live in this village. After her arrival, this village prospered for which she is worshipped to date. This temple complex has three shrines in it and all three of them are beautifully built. The carving styles of this temple reflect two different schools of thought. While the interiors carry authentic Hindu artwork, the outside walls have dragons carved on them. This preeminent positioned temple is open from 9 AM to 5 PM every day. 

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Chitkul Fort

Chitkul is the last inhabited village of India. This village is situated at a height of 3,500 meters above sea level. This town is situated near the Indo-Tibetian border at a distance of 24 Km. Chitkul village remains inaccessible during the winter season and is engulfed in a blanket of snow all through the winter. The Chitkul fort looks like a watchtower. This fort is covered in convoluted carvings and is one of the main tourist attractions of this small village after the Chitkul temple complex. 

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Hydro Flour Mill

It is one of the best Places to visit in Chitkul. This hydro flour mill is located in the Chitkul village. It is believed that the water from the Baspa River is used to power the mill and grind wheat flour. 

Village School

It is a school so not a tourist spot but the location of this place is amazing. It is a “school with a view”. Watching the kids here, studying, playing, running to their homes reminds you of your childhood. 

Tibetan Wood Carving Centre

The Tibetan Wood Carving Centre is one of the most acclaimed tourist attractions in Chitkul. This wood carving center accredits astounding items made out of wood carvings in Tibetan style. In this wood carving center, many unique artifacts are crafted that is a sheer reflection of Tibetan culture. One can buy a few handicrafts at this craving center as a souvenir.   

Baspa River

Chitkul and the entire Sangla Valley area on the banks of the Baspa River, due to which is also called Baspa Valley. The river flows down the hills into the village of Chitkul and then runs for about 40 Km before mixing into the Sutlej River near Karchham. The upper slopes of the valley along the river are marked with dense forests of pine and oak trees, whereas the lower slopes serve as farming fields for the villagers. 

Wrap Up

We hope the information described above on places to visit in Chitkul was of help. If you have any questions or need any other details about this place. Please feel free to ask us, we will fell glad to answer your questions.