Tibetan Wood Carving Centre, Sangla: Craft for the Art

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Tibetan Wood Carving Centre Sangla

The Tibetan wood carving center, Sangla is one of the most acclaimed tourist attractions. This wood carving center endeavors amazing wood carvings items in Tibetan style. Tibetan wood carving is a sublime art. This wood carving center has a good collection of handmade-craved items that delineate the artistic skills of the natives of the region. These handmade-craved items include the beautiful idols of different deities. Everything from Dalai Lama’s throne to incense boxes and Chemar bowls has traces of it. This place is very beloved among shopaholics in the city and among the tourists who visit Sangla from different parts of the country. This acclaimed wood craving center is located near the Saffron Farm in the outskirts of Sangla Valley. This wood carving center is accessible through the road that passes through Batseri Village. It can be reached via bus and also by hiring a cab.

The wood items available at this wood craving center are kept to display, as well as for selling purposes, and the tourists especially foreign travelers who visit Sangla love buying these items. The signs of the art of wood carving can be outlined to as far as 7th-century Tsuglagkhang in Lhasa constructed during the empire of famed King Songtsen Gampo. Wooden table paintings were also peculiar and most acclaimed items during those times. These wooden table paintings are similar to those of Thangkas paintings. Altars, stupas, platforms for deities, and other ceremonious objects were customarily adorned with wood carvings. With the help of wood carving, you can also decorate traditional musical string instruments such as Dramyins and Piwangs. Motifs normally used in wood carvings are identical to other Tibetan arts. Various types of flowers, mountains, clouds, other elements of nature as well as religious symbols are illustrated via wood cravings.

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Wood Carving Centre in Sangla

Norbulingka Institute is one of the most acclaimed wood carving centers located near Dharamshala in the northern region of Himachal Pradesh. This center is considered to be the traditional summer dwelling to Dalai Lamas success which serves as administrative and also as a religious center. This institute endeavor great support for teaching and training of the carving in wood with Tibetan motifs and inspirations. Wood carving is a practice of folk art that empowers the local people to direct their culture through motifs or abstractions which are customarily based on nature, spiritual awareness, or counterfeit of patterns found in native flora and fauna.

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Traveler’s Tips

Some of the traveler’s tips that one should know while visiting this Tibetan wood carving center, Sangla are such as –

. Wear comfortable footwear if you want to entice shopping here.

. Practice bargaining, as the goods are marginally high in price.

. Keep warm clothes, socks, and hoodies in your suitcase so as to save yourself from the cold windy breeze.

. Keep your cash handy so that you can shop till you drop!

. Carry a first-aid kit along with your suitcase.

. Carry at least two photocopies of the required documents such as your ID proofs with you.

. Keep a water bottle with you so as to keep yourself well-hydrated.

. Carry a carry with you to capture the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

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Things to do

One can take a walk in the Tibetan wood carving center and can entice the artistic skills of the locals of the district as well as the flamboyant culture. 

Timings and fees

The most preferred time to visit this Tibetan Wood Carving Centre, Sangla is preferably before the sunset, with no entry fee.

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Best time to visit

The preferable best time to visit this Tibetan wood carving center, Sangla is between May to August. The month of September is also apt to visit as the monsoon has just passed and the valley is at its full bloom.

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Wrap Up

This is some of the small information about the Tibetan wood carving center, Sangla. Hope this information will be helpful to you during your trip to this wood carving center. 


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