Top 7 Things to Do in Kufri – 2021

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best things to do in kufri

Kufri is nestled at an altitude of 9,000 feet in the lap of the majestic Himalayas. Kufri is a particular hill station in Himachal Pradesh where you go to lose yourself in the beauty of nature. It is one of the outstanding places to visit near Shimla, and among the must-visit places as part of Himachal tour packages. Kufri is known for its amiable climate and picturesque beauty and is very hard to miss out on this place if you are a nature lover in search of an unspoiled location to spend your holidays. It is home to the oldest skiing slopes in Himachal Pradesh and is one of the top skiing destination spots in India. Besides skiing, Kufri has much more to the accord. Some of the top things to do in Kufri are such as –


Kufri is a hill station beset by mountain ranges and peaks. So, it is not astonishing that paragliding is one of the top adventure sports in Kufri. Nothing encourages the release of dopamine in your bloodstream more than free-falling and soaring across the sky like a bird with wings. Individuals are often released in lighter winds, which accommodate a more stable and subtle landing. The best time to do this activity is from March to May and again from October to November. It will charge you a fee of INR 2,500 per person posing a great forecast for a fun-filled and fundamental outing.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating is an acclaimed adventure sport in Kufri that you can try. The experience is one-of-a-kind, and you won’t be able to stimulate it anywhere else in Himachal Pradesh. There are some places nearby where you can Skiing on natural ice. Make sure you have all of your equipment on so you do not distress yourself in the process. The experience does not last forever, but just being there for that brief period accords to an overall unforgettable and one-of-a-kind experience. It is also contemplated as one of the most popular sports activities in Kufri. The best time to do this activity is from December to February. It will charge you a fee of INR 150 per person posing a great forecast for a fun-filled and fundamental outing.

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If you are glancing for the best adventure sports in Kufri, Himachal Pradesh, trekking could be at the top of your list. Kufri is one of the highest trekking points close to Shimla and has some of the most breathtaking views in the region. Trekking through dense forest with thick sticks of flora and fauna all around is a one-of-a-kind experience that you won’t encounter anywhere else. If you are affluent, you could see some antelope and rare Himalayan birds along the way. Scrutinize around the breathtaking location and witness the lush green valley of the steep mountain of Himachal Pradesh.  

You can also visit yet another beautiful hill station of Himachal Pradesh, Manali on your way back to Kufri. If you are going during the peak season, it is best that you make reservations ahead of time. The best time to do this activity is before the winter months when the color of the trees and skies glorifies with vibrant hues of autumn. It will charge you a fee of INR 3,000 per person posing a great forecast for a fundamental outing.



If you are not enthusiastic to risk your life by participating in height-related adventure sports, then zip-lining is an excellent option that you can try for yourself. This activity is very captivating and can leave you with a rush of adrenaline as you rush down the ranges from one to the other, but every minute of it is worth the effort, so you know you would not end up apologizing for anything. Being suspended in mid-air is equally awful, but it makes for an unbelievable experience that you should try for yourself. The best time to do this activity is from November to February. It will charge you a fee of INR 500 per person and goes all the way up to INR 3,500 posing a great forecast for a fun-filled and fundamental outing.


Pay a visit to the famous Himalayan Nature Park

One of the top things to do in Kufri is to visit this park. This park is popularly known as “Kufri Zoo”. It was entrenched in the year 1992 and the area was used as a Musk Deer Farm since 1965. It is one of the most outstanding places to visit in Shimla by wildlife enthusiasts. This park is spread over an area of 90 hectares and this park is home to a large variety of animals and birds. Some of the rare sub-species that can be witnessed over there are Hangal, Barking Deer, Musk Deer, Brown Bear, Monal, and other pheasants. A large variety of migratory birds also make a pit stop at this renowned park. Besides all these, one can also relish a breathtaking view of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayan peaks from the park.   


Enjoy the Pony Ride

Mahasu Peak is one of the preeminent peaks in Kufri. It is one of the must-visit places for everyone who comes to Kufri. The place has been pre-own as a shooting spot for some major Bollywood movies and songs. One can reach Mahasu Peak, either by going through walking or by riding a pony. However, to make your ascents more appealing, you may choose to hire a pony. There are a lot of local vendors who endeavor pony rides from Kufri to Mahasu Peak. It is a modest trek with almost no steep ascents. 

During the trip, your eyes will get a treat of sensational landscapes that transform every moment. Once you have reached the top of the hill, you will notice the breathtaking views of the mighty and gorgeous mountain ranges of Dhauladhar, Kinnaur, and Pirpanjal from there. Apart from all these, there are also some fast food joints, local handicrafts, and woolen clothing stalls. 

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River Rafting

River Rafting is one of the most common water sports for those who are looking for something different to do. This is one of the most common adventure sports among tourists who want to explore the destination. Several river trails deliver a roaring tide, but the distance is also fascinating and not as fast as you would think. Several river trails will last up to 1 to 2 hours of bobbing, making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The best time to do this activity is from June to September. It will charge you a fee of INR 1,000 per person for a distance of 7 Km.

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These are some of the best things that one can do in Kufri. These best things to do in Kufri will administer you an excellent all-around experience across the spectrum of Kufri weather right from snow-capped sports in winter to the treks during the clear summer season. 

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