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places to visit in Solan

Solan is a beautiful hill station situated on the lower ranges of the Himalayas on the Punjab-Himachal Border. This laidback spot in Himachal Pradesh city is an accomplished place for tourists and visitors who are looking to escape the everyday hustle and stress of busy city life. This bustling region is home to several absurd temples and charming monasteries to worship and meditate. Solan is also acknowledged as the mushroom capital of the country as it is one of the highest producers of mushrooms in the nation. Aside from all these things, Solan has several places to visit and many activities to experience. This place has many ancient temples, medieval forts, dazzling landscapes, an interactive city center, and many more other things to explore. Some of the most famous places to visit in Solan are such as –

Mall Road

Mall Road is the leading shopping place in Solan. If you are on a visit to Solan then you need to allot a full day to visit the Mall Road and have a look at the local handicrafts, arts, and various other things available there. You can also relish street food from various food joints from there. One thing that you should undeniably do there is collecting souvenirs for yourself and your near and dear ones to preserve all sweet memories.

Christ Church

Christ Church is one of the most significant places of the Solan town and is situated in the stunning hill-town of Kasauli. Architecture admirers are frequently seen assembling this pleasing church which was constructed approx. This church was constructed by a British family 180 years ago who also entrenched the Kasauli settlement. 

Nalagarh Palace

This palace has well-maintained and manicured gardens that give a panoramic display of the town. This palace is positioned at the top of a hill. Its huge structure adorns both Indians as well as Mughal styles of architecture. The palace has accomplished some great restoration work and has been changed into a heritage resort. 


Kasauli is one of the calm and tranquil hill towns just an hour or less away from Solan. It is an ideal getaway from Solan with just the correct amount of hustle and bustle and down its Mall Road, as this place is encompassed with hills and pine trees all around. One can also visit Christ (Anglican) Church along with the Manki Top nearby. You can also get some thrill in Timber trail and have a walk down its easy Mall Road here. For religious people, this place is accomplished by a Gurudwara and a temple. 

Jawahar Park

This gorgeous landscape of this lovely city makes sure that there are many incredible parks to spend a relaxing time in. This park is a quiet and serene park in the heart of the town. It is well-tended and contains many beautiful features such as fountains, exciting rides, a mini-train, and a small zoo. Several cozy spots in this place are impeccable for picnics and also features large areas for kids to run around and play in. If you are visiting this place with your family or children, then this is one place that you must visit. 


This is one of the accomplished tourist places in Solan, Himachal Pradesh. It is an amalgam of not only the picturesque charm of the Himalayas that you had desire from this beautiful location but also a place that is pervaded in pre-colonial history and ancient myth. This is the destination having all around the magic of Himachal and also providing its combination of admiration and uniqueness. 

Barog is a small town in the Solan city, situated at a height of approx. 1,560 meters. If you are planning to visit the best places of Shimla during the months of monsoon and are searching for the camp, trek, and visit closer places, then Barog should be on your top list. 

Tour Zoological Survey of India Museum

Zoological Survey of India Museum is a wonderfully maintained museum of wildlife in Solan and is one of the alluring places to visit. This is a home to several alluring species and specimens of animals and even sea creatures, fossils, and remains. This institution is devoted to showing you more about the alluring animal population of the country. It is an astonishing place to visit for animal enthusiasts and nature lovers in the town. Scholars and academics frequent visit this museum as it has an exciting array of captivating exhibitions.

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This is an impeccable place for you if you want to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and want to get away for some days and want to live between forests and hills. It is an amicable and calm place where more than 90% of people still live in villages. Local people here are so close to nature and so this location is not touched by industrialization to date. This place administers their visitor’s rocky hills to treks, elegantly constructed temples to calm your soul, peaceful lakes for boating, and quaint landscapes. 

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Shoolini Mata Temple

Shoolini Mata Temple in Solan is devoted to Goddess Shoolini and is one of the divine and oldest temples in this area. Every year in June, this temple hosts an annual fair to celebrate with much vibrancy and magnificence.

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Motilal Nehru Central State Library

Motilal Nehru Central State Library is situated on Mall Road. This library is the only central state library in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It was entrenched in the year 1959 and is named after and dedicated to the famous freedom fighter and the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. With a lot of books and lots of knowledge on the endeavor, one must visit the library. Solan takes pride in being home to the Motilal Nehru Central State Library and is very beloved among both locals and tourists.  

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These are some of the top places to visit in Solan. With the perfect timing and great preparation for the holiday, the abundance of opportunity is waiting for all sorts of travelers who are searching for top Solan places to visit. Be it, nature admirers, spiritual, history fanatics, adventurous, or even luxury travelers, this town and its surroundings are perfectly proficient in providing you with an outstanding vacation experience. 



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