Dharamkot – A Complete Tourist Guide and a Long Weekend Itinerary

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Places to visit in Dharamkot

Places to visit in Dharamkot: Dharamkot is a tiny hill station in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh that attracts budget and long-stay travelers with inexpensive styles. It is located above McLeod Ganj at a distance of about 7 Km, and an elevation of about 23,000 feet. One can easily witness the beauty of the Himalayan Range, which encompasses snow-laden mountains and sky-touching hills from this village. Dharamkot is generally characterized by agreeable weather, colorful farm fields, scenic landscapes, relaxing viewpoints, and convincing mountain views. This village is also called a Hippie Village. The reason why calling it a Hippie Village is that you will find many Israeli tourists living here. These places to visit in Dharamkot have a magical and spiritual vibe. 

How to reach this village? 

One can reach this village by any means of transport mode such as –

By Air – One of the nearest airports from Dharamkot is Gaggal Kangra Airport is located at a distance of 28 Km. From here one can take a cab to reach Dharamkot. It will take an approx. time of 1 hour to reach your destination from the airport.

By Rail – One of the nearest railway junctions from Dharamkot is the Pathankot railway junction located at a distance of 90 Km. From here one can either take a cab or catch a bus to Dharamkot in Kangra.

By Road – One of the outstanding ways to reach Dharamkot is by bus. Many private/local buses can take you to Dharamkot. One can also take a bus from Delhi to Dharamshala. These buses leave from ISBT and Majnu Ka Tilla and are suitable for all budgets. The bus fare may vary according to the comforts of the bus and will take around 11 hours to reach Dharamshala. The quiet village of Dharamkot is around a 30-minute walk (i.e. 2 Km) from Dharamshala bus station and you can also take an auto-rickshaw to reach there.

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When to visit this place?

The outstanding time to visit this place is from April to June. During winter’s time, there is very snow and from July to September there is heavy rainfall. October and November are also outstanding times to visit this place, and the prices at this time are much lower than in summer.

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Places to visit in Dharamkot

Some of the places to visit in Dharamkot are such as –

Tushita Buddhist Medication Center

This medication center is a beautiful, colorful Tibetan-style monastery that endeavors retreat such as the popular 10 days discovering Buddhism courses and daily drop-in guided mediation every day at 9:30 AM in its beautifully adorned Tibetan Gompa Meditation Centre subsequent to the Dhamma Sikhara Vipassana Meditation Centre.

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Yoga Centers in Dharamkot

All varieties of yoga and yoga teacher training courses and massage courses are also available at this place. Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Center is one of the acclaimed and well-respected yoga schools that runs 5 day Iyengar courses starting every Monday from March to October. Siddhi Yoga center runs comprehensive yoga teacher training courses of 16 days (i.e. of 200 hours duration), while Alpesh Yoga center teaches Hatha and Iyengar YTT.

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Triund Trek

Triund is one of the most acclaimed treks that you must do. It is not too difficult and is only about a 4-hour hike from Dharamkot. If you were planning to stay overnight at Triund, then there are a couple of chai and Maggi & noodle shops around Triund. If you do not have a tent then you can hire one up there if there is any left. This trek endeavors magnificent views of the Dhauladhar ranges. If you are a serious trekker then you can even go further up till Indrahar Pass. 

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Gallu Waterfall

This is a beautiful waterfall a few kilometers ahead of Gallu which is mostly void of any people and is a great place to visit. Unlike Bhagsu Waterfall, which is always crowded with fun-loving people, this waterfall has seldom anyone around. To get to this waterfall, you will need to first reach the tea shop in Naddi Village (the sunset point). This waterfall is about 2 Km ahead of this tea shop. From Dharamkot, you can easily reach this waterfall in an hour. 

The trek towards this waterfall starts at the same spot at the Triund Trek near Gallu Devi temple. This broader trail goes towards Triund and the narrow one goes towards this waterfall. As you get closer to this waterfall, the path gets a little rough and very smooth and slippery in the end. One requires to wear comfortable shoes and require to walk very carefully while trekking here. 

Naddi Village

This is one of the best  Places to visit in Dharamkot. This village is located about 2 Km from Dharamkot, and you can easily cover it on foot. The walk is not so challenging or steep at all. Naddi village is renowned for being one of the outstanding tourist spots to catch both sunrise and sunset. If you have even the slightest interest in photography, then Naddi village is where you should go, to get some great sunrise or sunset shots. Sunset views are slightly better than sunrise. There is a tea stall by the name of Sunset/Sunrise Cafe where you can have some time or snacks while enjoying the astonishing views in front of you. 


These are some of the places to visit in Dharamkot. So, if you like to go to a simple getaway without too much sightseeing and tourist rush. Then Dharamkot is a place where you can entice good gourmet food, trekking, and lots of soaking in the hippie vibe around this place. This place is an ideal tourist destination for adventure enthusiasts.



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