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Chail places to visit

Situated at an elevation of 2,226 meters above sea level, Chail is one of the most acclaimed hill stations located on the Sadh Tiba Hill in the Solan District of Himachal Pradesh. It has many Chail places to visit in this outstanding scenic area. Chail also served as the summer capital for the well-reckoned King of Patiala, Maharaja Adhiraj Bhupinder Singh, after his exile from Shimla, on the orders of Lord Kitchener. In retaliation to this, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh built the Chail Palace and embrace Chail as his summer capital. 

How to reach Chail?

There are many ways by the benefit of which one can reach Chail. One can opt for any of these methods such as by air, by train, or by road to reach Chail.

By Air – One of the nearest airports to Chail is Chandigarh airport situated at a distance of 117 Km. Now one can opt to go to Chail on a bus or can hire a taxi to reach there.

By Rail – One of the nearest railheads to Chail is the Kalka railway junction situated at a distance of 81 Km. From here onwards one can board a bus or hire a taxi to reach Chail.

By Road – Many governments/private buses run on the road. These buses periodically run between Chail and other neighboring towns and cities, such as Delhi, Shimla, Chandigarh, Kalka, and Kandaghat.

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Best time to visit Chail

The ideal time to visit this beautiful hill station is during the summer season that starts from March and lasts till May. One can also visit Chail in the winter season because of the favorable climatic conditions. 

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Places to visit in Chail

Some of Chail places to visit by various visitors are such as –

Chail Wildlife Sanctuary

Chail Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the acclaimed wildlife places to visit near Chail. It is located at a height of 7,152 feet. This wildlife sanctuary not only endeavors you beautiful scenic views but also allows you to experience the wildlife comprising vivid birds and animals such as Wild Boar, European Red Deer, Himalayan Black Bear, Flying Squirrel, and Goral living in this wildlife sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary is home to a diverse species of wildlife animals and is open from 7 AM to 6 PM with an entry fee of Rs 800 per person. The outstanding time to visit this place is from March to October. 

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School Playground

School Playground tops the list of the outstanding places to visit in Chail. It is a small town that once befitted as the summer capital of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, an avid cricket lover. He accredited this cricket ground which is located at an altitude of 7,500 feet above sea level and is one of the highest cricket grounds in the world. This playground is maintained by Army officials as it is a part of the cantonment region. Tourists can enjoy a walk around this playground and can click pictures, but they are not permitted to enter this ground.

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Chail Palace

Chail Palace is one of the most acclaimed tourist attractions. This Chail palace was constructed in 1891 by Maharaja of Patiala – Maharaja Bhupinder Singh. This palace is spread over an area of 75 acres and has royal furniture with majestic views. This palace has multiple types of rooms categorized into cottages, suites, and rooms. Although all rooms have different fares, all of them are well-furnished with various amenities and well-aired with attached washrooms with running hot and cold water. Apart from this, this palace has multi-cuisine restaurants to meet the different essentials of the visitors, also having an open-air dining area that adds value to the palace. Doctor on call, TV and other basic amenities are catered in this palace. This palace also has a well-equipped meeting hall with all the latest technology along with room service around the clock. 

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Kali Ka Tibba

Kali Ka Tibba or Kali Temple is a well-known tourist place located right at the top of a hill. There is categorically nothing surrounding this temple except a few trees. This temple is one of the most renowned temples in Himachal, due to the magnificent views it administers, along with many other activities such as horse riding and angling.

Sadhupal Lake

This beautiful and calm lake is situated in a small town named “Sadhupul” and is located between Chail and Solan districts. One can also see a small bridge on a hill river i.e. “Ashwini” aka “Sadhupul Bridge on this lake. This lake is renowned for the restaurants and the way they have designed the wooden tables and chairs in a charismatic manner in the water body itself. Just sit on a chair and dip your feet in calm fresh flowing water while enjoying the meal and admiring nature’s beauty. The hot and spicy food being served here includes Maggi, bread-omelet, and chicken momos. Its natural beauty and lush green meadows, gorgeous mountain views make this place worth visiting.

Gurudwara Sahib

One of the interesting things about this gurudwara is that it looks like a church. This gurudwara sahib was built in 1907 and faced deterioration until an NGO named Chail Heritage Foundation took the assertiveness to restore it. This is one of the most famed religious and acclaimed places in Chail. This gurudwara is quite an attraction at the time of Sikh festivals such as Gurupurab and Baisakhi. Besides being a lovely praying place, this place endeavors free accommodation to visitors in its dormitory and guest rooms. 


Siddh Baba Ka Mandir

Siddh Baba Ka Mandir is one of the most proclaimed tourist attractions in Chail. This Mandir is located between Rajgarh and Pandhawa at a height of 8,000 feet and is devoted to Siddh Baba. This temple is believed to be the protector of Chail. This temple captivates a large number of visitors not only because it is beautiful but because it withholds the teachings of spirituality and custom values to be followed by humans. 

Stoned Kumbh Shiv Temple

This temple is devoted to Bholenath (Lord Shiva) and is one of the hidden treasures in Chail which is beautifully sculptured. This temple was built by a single person (single handily) and took 38 years to build it. In 1980, Lord Shiva came into his dreams, since then he started constructing this temple. This temple is constructed in a very alluring and artistic way by using cement, ropes, tin sheets, and slated rock pieces. A temple made from all these things is unimaginable but the dedication of the person is praiseworthy. These temples lead to a cave where one can meditate. 

Himalayan Nature Park

Himalayan Nature Park in Kufri is among the outstanding wildlife places to visit near Chail. At this nature park, one can spot animals such as Deer, Black Bear, Tibetan Wolf, Leopard Cat, and Cheer Pheasant, among other animals. 

Lover’s Hill

Lover’s hill is a well-reckoned tourist place to visit in Chail. As the name proclaims, this is a hill point for lovers. This is a romantic destination, where you can acquaintance the mystical sunset and sunrise. Many newly wedded couples visit this place to enjoy their special days in Chail to accumulate and enjoy the beauty of nature. One can enjoy in the lap of Mother Nature at this place and is a must-visit place for nature admirers. So, take a break from your daily boring life and plan a trip to this magical beauty that is surely going to relax and rejuvenate you. 


We hope this information above on the Chail places to visit is of your help. If you have any other queries or require any further details, please feel free to ask us. We will feel glad to answer your query.


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