A Travel Guide to Barot Valley

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Barot Valley

Barot Valley Palampur: Want to get rid of your tight and boring schedule for a while? Plan your trip to Barot Valley and enjoy a notable getaway. Barot is a small town in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh located on the banks of the Uhl River. This valley is located at an altitude of 1,800 meters from sea level. Lush landscape, stretching as far as the eye can glance, and cool year-round weather makes it a flawless holiday retreat. In Barot, there are many places to explore such as waterfalls, verdant mountains, snow-bound peaks, and open farmlands. Due to its hilly geography, this valley is one of the perfect tourist destinations for trekking, which is one of the outstanding ways to explore the Himalayas. The Barot Valley forms a natural pathway into Bara Bhangal, one of the remotest Himalayan Villages. 

One could go on hikes to Rajgundha, Dhathi, Plachak, Pantharthu, and Johardi treks. If you want to glance at a historical structure, then you may trek to Hanuman Garh Fort. One of the good places to hike to, while camping in Barot Valley is the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary. This protected territory is covered by forests of oak, deodar, and pinedrow fir trees. While walking through this sanctuary, you may be able to see brown and black bears, flying squirrels, langurs, and leopards in this wildlife sanctuary.

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How to reach Barot Valley?

Reaching Barot Valley, Palampur is not a difficult one. The road to Barot affluent out from Kangra to Mandi highway from a place named Ghatasni. There are multiple ways by which one can reach the Barot Valley such as –

By Air – One can take a flight to Kangra from Delhi and then find a bus or can hire a taxi/cab to reach Joginder Nagar and then to Barot Valley.

By Rail – One can take a train from Delhi railway junction to Pathankot railway junction and then you can also try to iconic Kangra Rail to Joginder Nagar via Palampur. This is a slow hill train that will take much more time and you only do it to gain experience. 

By Road – Many overnight buses are running on the road from Delhi to Mandi or Palampur-Joginder Nagar and then you can find local buses to Barot. 

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Where to stay in Barot Valley?

There are a lot of accommodating places where one can stay in Barot Valley if you are searching for a comfortable yet modest stay near Barot Valley. Some of the best hotels to stay in Barot Valley are such as –

KK Negi Homestay

KK Negi Homestay is a favorite Barot Valley guest house that endeavors tourists with comfortable rooms at nominal prices. This homestay is located right next to the Uhl River that acquiesces customers to relish the views of the valley alongside the Uhl River. This homestay is located on Jharwar Road. The average per day charge for staying in this homestay is INR 1,200 (double-sharing basis and tax excluded). 

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Hotel Lake Paradise

This hotel is located at Ghatasani-Barot road. This hotel endeavors one of the best accommodations in Barot Valley at a pocket-friendly price. Apart from this, it endeavors other services such as a fine dining restaurant, 24*7 room service, and taxi booking from the hotel itself. The average per day charge for staying in this hotel is INR 1,050 (double-sharing basis and tax excluded). 

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Hotel Shobla Royal

This hotel is located 26 Km away from the Barot valley. This property is perfect for those who want to break from their daily mundane routine and endeavor for an ideal holiday trip during Dussehra. This hotel has a fine dining facility that entertains the travel folks coming to this property. This hotel is located next to Dussehra ground on Dhalpur Road. The average per day charge for staying in this hotel is INR 2,000 approx. (double-sharing basis and tax excluded). 

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Regenta Inn Blossoms

If you are searching for a short weekend trip, this property would be the blemished choice if you are reckoning the places to stay near Barot Valley. This hotel is located 27 Km away from the valley, in the Kullu district. One can get a warm welcome from the staff and their availability for 24 hours, cordial behavior, and super attentiveness will influence you and endeavor you a comfortable stay in this property. This hotel is located on NH3 Highway, Bandrol Road. The average per day charge for staying in this hotel is INR 2,000 approx. (double-sharing basis and tax excluded). 

Places to explore in Barot Valley

Some of the places to explore in Barot Valley, Palampur are as –

Dev Pashakot Temple

Dev Pashakot Temple is located on the banks of the Uhl River. This temple is located at the bottom of a hill, therefore one requires to complete a downhill trek of around 15 minutes to reach this sacred temple.

Chuhar Valley

Chuhar Valley is positioned in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Barot is a part of this valley. Some of the prime tourist sightseeing places of this valley are Jhatingri Village and Hurang Narayan temple. One of the prime tourist attractions of this valley is the International festival of Mandi i.e. Shivratri which is celebrated annually by the locals of this valley. 

The Haulage Trolley

Haulage Trolley is a unique construction. It is a British-era funicular track that was built to excite luggage and people from Joginder Nagar. This trolley looks like a monorail trek but it was going straight up towards the inclined peak of a hillock and getting vanished into the jungle. It is still possessed by Punjab State Electricity Board, and it is no longer functional but still worth a visit. This trolley is only a short walk away from the main market of Barot Valley. You can climb up to the hilltop along with the line. 

Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary

Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the other side of the Uhl River and is one of the major tourist attractions of the Barot Valley, Palampur. This wildlife sanctuary is a habitat of various animal species such as the Himalayan Monal, Black Bear, and Ghoral. The route for the trek to Kullu relinquishes through the dense forests of this wildlife sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary is one of the wildlife sanctuaries in Himachal, which is the best place to explore in Barot Valley.

Uhl River

Uhl River is the only compelling water body of this valley. This compelling river starts at the Thamsar Glacier in the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas. This river is one of the major tourist attractions of the area as it accords travelers to indulge in various outdoor activities such as camping, and fishing and so one of the outstanding places to visit in Barot Valley.

Shanan Hydel Project

The eminent reason for the evolution of the Barot Valley was the Shanan Hydel project. It was the first-ever hydro project in India with a Megawatt capacity. This hydro project was nurtured by the Britishers in association with the king of Joginder Nagar and is now under the control of the Punjab State Electricity Board. 

Wrap Up

This is some of the information on the Barot Valley, Palampur. This is an alluring village located in the noiseless valleys of Mandi District in Himachal Pradesh. This valley has many tourist places to explore. It is one of the prime tourist attractions for adventure seekers, and nature lovers. 



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