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Mashobra Sightseeing

Mashobra Sightseeing: Mashobra is a small Himalayan hamlet, a part of the Shimla district. It is one of the most alluring retreats in Himachal for those who come here in search of peace and solitude with a touch of history. Apart from hiding the winning tourist attractions in its beautiful landscape, this hill station is a favored weekend tourist spot for adventure seekers as it endeavors an excellent platform for adventure sports activities. These adventure sports activities may include activities such as camping, trekking, mountain climbing, rappelling, fishing, and many more other activities.  

Best time to visit Mashobra

The perfect time to visit Mashobra is during the summer season from March to June. The temperatures are pleasant during that time, ranging from 10 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius. This makes it a nice time to visit this place, and to get away from the tantalizing summer season in the other parts of India. One can also visit this place during the winter months to witness the winter wonderland. Mashobra is completely covered by a thick layer of snow during this time. During the winter season, the temperature may range from -3 to 17 degrees Celsius. Ski enthusiasts may visit this place during the winter season from December to February.

Monsoon season is generally avoided to travel by visitors since the town gets wet, and most tourist attractions remain closed during that time. Mashobra is a hidden paradise nestled in the Great Himalayans. It is the splendid recluse from both the heat of the summer season in India and from the maddening crowds of other hill stations.

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Best Mashobra Sightseeing places to see

Some of the outstanding Mashobra Sightseeing places to see are such as –

Wildflower Hall

This elegant hotel is located at the top of Mahasu Peak. Its sheer radiance and beauty made this place an excellent tourist spot. This hall was originally the residence of Lord Kitchener of Khartoum. It was now one of the beloved summer retreats of Lord Ripon after it was burnt down in a fire in 1993. This hall was rebuilt into a luxurious hotel after 1993 by the joint efforts of the Himachal Pradesh government and the Oberoi group. This hotel now prides itself on admirable services and is an epitome of luxury. It also endeavors breathtaking views that make one just stand and stare for hours and hours.

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Bird Watching at the Reserve Forest Sanctuary

This reserve forest sanctuary is located just 1 Km away from the city. Due to this forest sanctuary, Mashobra is often accomplish as the birdwatcher’s delight. This reserve forest is also acknowledging as one of Asia’s largest watersheds which acts as the source of water for Shimla and is among one of the distinguished places to visit in Mashobra. Some of the most common bird species that one can spot at this forest sanctuary are such as Himalayan eagles, pheasants, partridges, and chukars. This park is also a delight for trekkers and hikers who come here to camp under the rich covers of cedar, oak, and pine trees and endeavor scenic views of the Indus River. 

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Mahasu Devta Temple

This iconic Mahasu Devta Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva or Mahasu Devta, as the locals call it. This temple is highly revered by the locals at tourists alike. Tourists can just sit at the peaceful sanctum located inside this temple, as they become one with the Lord. The experience is a truly spiritual one and an asset to calm the mind and relax. This temple is also known for the two-day Mahasu Jatra festival which is held at this temple on the third Tuesday of May annually to entice the shifting of Lord Shiva’s idol in this temple. This festival is celebrated by the singing of exciting folk songs, their popular Tribal dance called Natti, and various other rituals. Tourists can be quiet audiences to this event or can take part and dance along to the foot-tapping folk music. 

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Jakhoo Temple

This temple is also accomplishing as the Hanuman temple and is located on the highest point in Shimla, i.e. Jakhoo Hill. This site is one of the most sought tourist attractions in Shimla, enticing various tourists and visitors of all ages. This temple has one of the world’s largest Hanuman statues, which is visible from most parts of Shimla. 

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Craignano is an Italian villa created by Chevalier Federico Pelite, an Italian photographer. This villa is located in Mashobra at an altitude of 7,700 feet above sea level. Craignano was constructed by Chevalier as a tribute to his hometown in Italy. This villa now serves as one of the most beautiful Mashobra places for tourists to visit.

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Wrap Up

These are some of the Mashobra sightseeing places to see. It is one of the hidden tourist attraction in this undiscovered paradise that every tourist want to explore once in his/her life.


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